Why Problem of Solar Panel Voltage Drop Occur?

Now a days, trend of solar panels selling business in Pakistan is at its peak. There are different types of solar panels available in the market. But most of the panels have least quality. These panels comes with broken and damaged cells. If you see that a solar cells in a panel have any line or gap, then do not buy that panel because that panel will lost its efficiency within 6 months.

This problem cause in Pakistan because there are some companies which are only earning money by selling used and third class panels. They have no concern with people’s investment and money. So, it is important to search for a A class solar panel.

Which Panel Should be Bought?

The simple technique is to ask for the brand of the solar panel which you are going to buy. Big and Authority Chinese Companies have website with complete product range including the specification of the products. If you got the website of that company then match the panel’s dimension and other specs with website’s data. This is the most simple way to recognize a good solar panel. But do not forget to ask some experts about the repo of that production company.

Which Solar Panels are Really Bad?

It is most difficult question to answer because it needs a laboratory test of solar panel efficiency or experience. Our experience is word of mouth of different people who suffered with this problem. The most problematic and worst panel has a stamp of Shell-Aman. There are many others having colorful frames of Golden, Black, Blue, Red e.t.c. Most of the best quality of Panels contain Silver colored frame.

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