Solar Tubewell Cost and Installation for Irrigation Scheme in Pakistan

Solar Tube well in PakistanSolar Voltech Pvt. Ltd. is installing on demand solar tube wells in Punjab. Company is installing 5 HP, 7 HP and 10 HP solar tube-wells to the farmers. This is long lasting & life time free energy systems. We are expert in the correct and reliable Solar Tube well installation in Affordable Price with company warranty and 1 Year free maintenance. We have a proper mechanism and methodology for the installation of the systems of Solar Tube well for irrigation and home water supply purpose.

Solar Tube well is very beneficiary for the farmers in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where electricity load shedding is a scared issue which cause lack of water for crops. Usually, electricity have 1 hour duration after the load shedding of 1 hour, which disturb the flow of water to the crops and result in serious loss. This is very embarrassing situation now a days.

سولر ٹیوب ویل درج ذیل خوبیوں کا حامل ھے۔

  • کوئی بجلی کا خرچ نہیں ہوتا، بجلی کے بل سے نجات
  • کسی قسم کی بیٹریز کی ضرورت نہیں
  • ہر موسم میں کام کرتا ھے۔
  • سارا دن، جب تک روشنی رھے گی، ٹیوب ویل چلتا رھے گا۔
  • کم جگہ درکار ھے، تھوڑی سی جگہ پہ انسٹالیشن ہو جاتی ھے۔
  • موٹر خراب نہیں ہو گی، انشاؑ اللہ تعالٰی
  • بنک کی مدد سے ایگریکلچر لون کی سہولت میسر ھے
  • سولر پینلز کی کل لائیف ۔ ۔25 سال

Solar VolTech is offering Solar Tube well in Lahore Punjab for farmers at very low and bearable cost. Our Cheap Price Solar Tube well systems are designed to provide full flow of water for continuous 8-11 hours per day. We provide the solution for 3 Inches, 4 Inches, 5 Inches and 6 Inches output pipe with full pressure whole of the day.


We are offering best Solar Tube well Installation services in Punjab Pakistan. Our customers enjoy Solar Tube well installation with warranties at their door step. Our solar tube well systems contain following warranties;

Solar Panel Warranty = 10 Years Warranty, 25 Years Life

Electrical Equipment Warranty = 1 Year

Free Maintenance Services = 1 Year

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Solar Tube well Company in PakistanSolar Tube well instalation in Pakistan

Solar Tube Well Scheme for Irrigation in Punjab 2015-2016

Government of the Punjab has initialize a solar tube well scheme to provide solar tube well to the farmers against bank loans. Farmer can issue a loan from the Zarai Taraqiyati Bank and Bank Of Punjab against Solar Tube Well installation purpose.

We have an agreement with ZTBL and BOP and any farmer having 5 Acres Agricultural land or more, can issue a loan for Solar Tubewell.

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