Difference Between DC Fans and AC Pedestal Fans?

Pedestal Fans are most common in Pakistan and these are widely used by people across the country. These are ~250 watts fans and operated at 220 v. Most important benefit of these type of fans is that these can easily moveable from one place or room to another room.

In extensive load shedding in Pakistan, it is not suitable to operate this fan at UPS because it is more powerful and such all the current in the batteries withing minutes and UPS can not fully recharged in less time.

Difference between AC and DC Pedestal Fans


How DC Pedestal Fan is Suitable?

DC Fans is more suitable than ordinary AC Pedestal Fan. There are several reasons behind;

  1. DC Pedestal Fan consume 12v power of Current, therefore, it can be operate by directly connecting to the Battery.
  2. This Fan is of 15 watts and consume less electricity than other fan. This will enable you to extend its running time as compare to AC Fan. If ordinary fan blow 1 hour, then DC Pedestal Fan will blow 15 hours continuously.
    1 Hour time AC Pedestal Fan = 15 Hour time DC Pedestal Fan
  3. Most important is that this DC Fan has built-in 15 LED lights which will be helpful in dark night.
  4. This can rotate at wide angle as well as its upwards and downwards direction is also adjustable.

Cons of DC Fans

Air throw of this fan is less than ordinary AC fan, but when we compare its other benefits with AC fan then we came to know that DC fan is far better than that fan. Moreover, high load shedding in our lovely country became DC 12v fan is more beneficial.

Price of the DC Fans

Good quality DC pedestal fans are not too much expansive, its price start from 3000 PKR.

Solar Voltech is also selling its A+ Quality DC Fans at best and guaranteed price.


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